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Top Seed from Pinnacle Now Receives Automatic Bid to Spring National Championship Tournament


Costs vary due to area and equipment availability. Learn what the costs will be for your young athlete.

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The necessary football equipment is comprised of individual player purchases and league provided gear.

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Fitting & Registration Dates

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Practice starts 3/4/19

Season starts 4/6/19

Are you a coach? Do you have your own team? Ask about joining the Pinnacle Youth Spring Football League.

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About Us

Pinnacle Youth football is a non- profit 501 c3 and was established in eastern Idaho in 2009 and has steadily grown each year since.We have teams in Rigby,Idaho Falls,American Falls, Aberdeen, Jerome, Filer, Gooding. In 2015 Pinnacle expanded into the Treasure Valley adding teams from the Boise, Meridian and Nampa area and in 2016 added teams in Mountain home and Eastern Oregon. Pinnacle is now proudly partnered with the National Spring football Alliance (NSFA)and has been able to arrange cross league games with and the BYSFL. We hope to continue to grow and continue to bring spring tackle football to kids all over the North West. The top seed from Pinnacle now receive an automatic bid to Spring National Championship tournament.


Pinnacle youth football's mission is to provide a league to better prepare our youth for middle school and high school competition. There is no weight limits in school football and there is no weight limits in our league either. Many of our coaches are local High school coaches as well. The coaches that aren't high school coaches are encouraged to speak to the High school coaches that their team feeds into to learn play book and terminology so the players are better prepared when entering the high schools program. We want to provide a positive atmosphere that we can continue develop the players fundamentals.


Pinnacle's Rule of 2. Players that exceed the age of an age group by no more then 1 year and are NOT in high school (9th grade and above) may play in there grades division. example Varsity 8th grade age is 14 as of 8/31/current year, 15 yr old 8th graders may play in this age group. However no more then 2 players that exceed set age group may be on the field for the same team at the same time.

No High School players are eligible regardless of age. The PYSFL uses High school officials to referee our games and follows Idaho High School Athletic Association with following exceptions:


  • Varsity- 10 min quarters
  • Ball Size - TDS

Junior Varsity

  • 9 min quarters
  • Ball size- TDY


  • 11-12 Years Old - 8 min quarters
  • Ball size -TDY

Gameday Rules

  • No kickoffs or returns, team offenses will start with the ball on their 30 yard line at beginning of game, half time and following scores.
  • No Punts, Offense will declare a punt and ball will be placed 35 yards down field.
  • Extra Points- kicking an extra point and conversions are both worth 2 points.
  • Special teams are now an option if both clubs agree prior to the game to have special teams implemented.
  • Weight limits- NONE

*Playing up is available with extra waiver signed by parent and player acknowledging higher risk

Parent & Coaches Conduct

Youth football is an exciting fun sport for us and our kids. In order to insure a positive experience for all participants, spectators, friends, and family. We ask all parents/spectators/coaches to remain positive with their cheers.. Please refrain from heckling the officials, even in pro sports with instant replay as a tool they still make mistakes and penalties will turn the tide of the game both ways throughout the season. Mistakes and penalties can be great teaching tools on overcoming adversity.

Please remember this is about the kids and making it a great experience for them. Be positive, cheer loud, and have fun!

What's Needed to Register

  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • current student ID card
  • For 5th and 6th grade if no student ID then a recent report card
  • The above Items MUST BE Brought to Helmet And Jersey Fitting

Western Division - Register Here